The most ambitious NFT of all-time.

About Cosmolorians


The Cosmolorians is a NFT collection with each NFT representing your player character within The Cosmolorian PvP War Game - The Battle for Plutopia.

The Cosmolorians are randomly generated with over 1.8 billion possible combinations of unique traits!

Background - 17 Traits
Body - 14 Traits
Crown - 20 Traits
Throne - 14 Traits
Gauntlet - 13 Traits
Head - 14 Traits
Title - 3 Traits
Weapon - 5 Traits
Medal - 10 Traits
Each Cosmolorian Commander will have special abilities within The Battle for Plutopia based on the traits the NFT's contain.

The Battle for Plutopia is the first ever of it's kind on the blockchain, and also grants users the ability to earn real-world currency for playing through the real money based economy, and other rewards earned while playing and participating in events within the game.

All Cosmolorian owners will also receive 100 Galaxy (GLXY) tokens. These tokens will grant the playerbase for The Cosmolorians many unique features and abilities:

• Access to The Cosmolorian Governance Voting procedures. Giving players the ability to hold the keys and power to vote on changes and additions to The Battle for Plutopia.

• Receive weekly airdropped Ethereum dividend rewards from the BetGalaxy Casino.

• A playable asset within the BetGalaxy casino (although if you gamble and lose your GLXY tokens you will be forfeiting your voting rights until you replace your GLXY).

• Exchange GLXY tokens on PancakeSwap.

The Cosmolorian NFT's will launch it's own internal marketplace at the conclusion of the minting phase. Unless there is a quality alternative, or if OpenSea adds support for BSC based NFT's, in which case we would utilize their marketplace.

Once a sufficient amount of Cosmolorians are minted, we will launch a full featured Gallery for users to browse the various Cosmolorians that have been minted thus far, with the ability to filter based on traits and rarity.

The Battle for PluTopia

What is The Battle for PluTopia?

The Battle for Plutopia

The Battle for Plutopia is an NFT-based decentralized game. Initially, every Cosmolorian Commander can build their base, train an army, and battle to have fun and earn profit.

Base System
Each Base is managed by a Cosmolorian Commander NFT holder.

All bases have the ability to grow and upgrade through time, with many elements that provide a great short time frame gaming experience.

Much like the games that The Cosmolorians is inspired from (Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Clash Royale), many elements have an addicting progressive system that creates a very active player base. For example:

• Users can collect resources that appear around their bases multiple times throughout a day.
• Users can train an army for an attack within just 5 minutes if they wish, and collect moreresources.
• Users can utilize Plutopia to decrease the upgrade times for units, buildings, and defenses.

Battle System
Every player can earn more resources for upgrades and even profit by participating in battle, and stealing the resources enemy players bases contain.

Online users can elect to search for a war to participate in.

The system is based on attack, and defense mechanisms. When you attack, you are actively playing, when you are attacked, your bases layout and defense structure is ultimately what will determine if you are defeated, or not.

This system allows for a robust gaming experience, where players will NEVER have any problem finding a fair battle to wage.

Defense System
Every player will have command over their base.

Players establish their base’s defense system, and base layout, with the goal of fending off any attacks on your resources that may happen.

As a defender your base will be attacked even if you are offline, so this is one of the critical aspects to being successful.

Players with a superior defense setup will be much more difficult to ransack their resources.


The Cosmolorian Roadmap

Q2, 2021:
• Research on DeFi & NFTs
• Team forming
• Design GLXY Tokenomics

Q3-Q4, 2021:
• Deployment of GLXY token smart contract
• Public sale & listing on PancakeSwap
• BetGalaxy Dividend Rewards
• Reveal of The Cosmolorians NFT and The Battle for Plutopia

Q1, 2022:
• The Battle for Plutopia – Closed Alpha Test
• Plutopia <-> GLXY Exchange and Market Launch
• The Battle for Plutopia – Closed Beta Test
• The Battle for Plutopia – Open Beta Test
• Announce Public Launch Date

Q2, 2022:
• Interconnection Services between The Cosmolorians and BetGalaxy.
• Begin Global Marketing for Launch of The Cosmolorians on iOS, Android, and PC/Mac
• The Battle for Plutopia – Version 1.0 Public Release on iOS, Android, and PC/Mac

NFT Specs & Mint Phase

NFT Specs & Mint Phase Information

NFT Name: The Cosmolorians
Supply: 5,000 Cosmolorian Commanders
Network: BSC/BEP721
Mint Price: 0.25 BNB
Max Mint Per User: 20 Cosmolorians
Mint Start Date: 11/18/2021 @ 9PM EST (New York)

Mint Phase Competitions

Competition #1
• First 5 users to mint the maximum of 20 Cosmolorian Commanders will receive a prize of 1 BNB each.
• Users must claim this prize in order to receive it. First 5 who submit a valid claim will receive the prizes.

Competition #2
• There will be 10 pre-selected NFT Artworks that will be revealed to the community.
The Token ID #'s for these artworks will not be revealed until the lucky winner's mint them.
Each user who mint's one of these 10 Artworks will receive 1 BNB each.

Mint Phase Fund Allocation

• 10% of BNB from NFTs minted will be used to provide liquidity for the GLXY token on PancakeSwap. 5% used to purchase GLXY, the other 5% in BNB, and added to liquidity.
• 10% of BNB from NFTs minted will be set aside for marketplace floor setting.
• 10% of BNB from NFTs minted will be set aside and used to fund a large competition for NFT holders only on Casino.
The remainder of the funds raiesd from minting phase are used for the prizes and giveaways, as well as the development of The Battle for Plutopia.

About BetGalaxy

What is BetGalaxy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • • Owning a Cosmolorian Commander will grant you access to a state-of-the-art PvP war game with a real money economy system, as well as various interconnections to the BetGalaxy Casino for unique rewards!

    • All Cosmolorian Commander owners will also receive 100 Galaxy(GLXY) Tokens. GLXY Tokens do many things! GLXY Token Holders will hold governance rights over The Cosmolorian game universe. They also receive weekly dividend rewards from the BetGalaxy Casino's volume, they are a playable tangible currency on the BetGalaxy Casino, and they can be exchanged for BNB on PancakeSwap.

    • By having access to The Cosmolorian PvP War Game, you will have the ability to earn in-game resources, one of which being PluTopia. PluTopia is the primary ingame resource used for repairs, upgrades, in-game items. It can be exchanged for GLXY and also purchased with GLXY tokens. This allows players of The Cosmolorian PvP War Game an ability to earn tangible real-world currency for participating and playing the game.

  • • GLXY Token holders receive 30% of that house edge for every game, and every currency BetGalaxy offers to be playable.

    • These rewards are airdropped to GLXY holders weekly.

    • BetGalaxy Casino launched on June 2, 2021.

    • BetGalaxy has already surpassed 5,000 users.

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  • The Cosmolorians was created by BetGalaxy

    BetGalaxy Casino launched on June 2, 2021

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  • Please see the Roadmap, as there will be various phases for the launch of the game.